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Are you finding it difficult to engage gear? Can you hear awful crunching noises? On occasions a failed clutch will make it completely impossible to engage any gear at all. Juddering when you pull-away can also be a tell-tale sign that your clutch is going. There can also be a perceptible burning smell. That smell tells you that the clutch is under severe pressure and needs to be checked.

Any deterioration of the condition of your clutch system will adversely affect the overall performance & economy of vehicle. A worn clutch will increase your fuel consumption, costing you money, and it will considerably reduce your vehicles power also. If you allow it to get too bad, your car will lose drive completely.

So if you suspect that there is a problem with your clutch, bring it to us to be repaired or replaced.


Call 0161 226 7447 or 07886 818535 to book your car in or to ask any questions.

Clutch Repair Manchester

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